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We are a mosaic.

The richness of the Regent alumni community is captured in the metaphor of the mosaic, not only because of the diversity of our global community, but also because we believe that the inter-connectedness of each member creates a beautiful image much larger than any individual part. In light of that reality, we seek to provide ways for you to stay connected with each other, as well as with the College.

Ways to Connect

Regent Directory

Use our new Regent Directory to connect with Regent people around the world. More information.

Alumni Network

As a Regent alum, you are part of a global community spread across the world. This expanse is a gift, yet as alumni we know the particular value of being personal. We’d be glad to help you form an alumni network in your region. More information.

Social Media

Find alumni in your part of the world, talk shop with others in your profession, or swap book recommendations with Regent Reads. More information.


Receive Alumni updates and notices of Regent-related events in Vancouver and around the world. More information.

Meet the Team

Find out more about our alumni office and book a drop in meeting time. More information.