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Many of our alumni are trained spiritual directors, some with many years of experience. We have created an informal network of alumni spiritual directors who are available for contact and may offer a reduced rate to alumni. Many of our directors offer both in-person and remote options for spiritual direction.


The purpose of this network is to facilitate connections between alumni. While spiritual directors listed here have been asked to affirm that they meet minimum standards, Regent College does not review or monitor compliance with those standards, and Regent College does not regulate or guarantee the credentials of any person participating in this network. It is your responsibility to evaluate and monitor the character and credentials of your spiritual director both before and during your relationship with them. All aspects of the spiritual direction relationship are strictly between the director and directee, who are solely responsible for the parameters of that relationship.

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson is a full-time Whole Life Coach and Spiritual Director. With a background in engineering, he completed a MDiv at Regent in 1998 and was the pastoral team leader at Marineview Chapel in Vancouver for 17 years, allowing him to continue serving the Regent community.

Mark has been offering spiritual direction since 2005 and currently works with 80+ leaders in ministry and the marketplace sprinkled around the world. 

He is passionate about helping thoughtful believers perceive God’s Loving Presence with them. 

Karli Baldwin

Karli’s passion and deep joy is to be joined to the Lord in listening and caring for the soul of others. She loves to attend to others’ heart yearnings, to journey in the interior life, and to welcome our Lord’s presence in soul maturing. 

Karli is a 2x cancer survivor and acquainted with challenges, losses, detaching, yielding and finding hope, truth and meaning.  She has served as pastor of discipleship and spiritual formation.  Besides teaching and daily welcoming the Trinity, she serves in spiritual formation and spiritual directing. 

Josh Banner

Josh Banner is a spiritual director, teacher, and artist. He completed his formation in direction with the Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids in 2014 and is now completing a DMin in direction from Fuller Theological Seminary. From 2006-2013 Josh served as the Minister of Music and Art and an adjunct professor at Hope College. 

Mei Chang

Mei loves to offer sacred place for soul care – a safe and welcoming place to listen deeply and slowly to the soul, welcoming whatever emerges with compassion, curiosity and care.Her desire is that such ‘inner hospitality’ will allow people to be known as they are and experience the transforming love of God through all the landscapes of life. 

She trained as a spiritual director through Soulstream and ha been offering spiritual direction and leading contemplative retreats regularly since 2014. She has also served on the board of Rivendell Retreat Centre. 

Mei moved from Malaysia to Vancouver in 2000 with her husband, who studied and worked at Regent. She holds an accounting degree from Australia and has worked in corporate finance and non-profit sectors. 

Mei enjoys gardening, baking and nature walks. She lives in Burnaby with her husband and two young-adult children. 

Julianne Gilchrist

A Member of SDI, Julianne has been a director for three years. She received her training at the Studion School for Spiritual Direction, a two year program requiring 40 practicum hours.

In addition to offering one-on-one direction, she also directs silent retreats and online retreat/groups.

She is on the leadership team for The Sudion, working with those who are training to become directors.

Dan Heavenor

Dan Heavenor has been married to Andrea since 1989 and they have 4 grown children. Dan has been offering spiritual direction for 20 years. He completed the Art of Spiritual Direction diploma through SoulStream in the ealry 2000s. 

Dan graduated from Regent in 1994 with a MDiv, and subsequently studied Ignatian spirituality, focussing on imaginative prayer and Ignatian contemplation at Carey Theological College in a DMin program, completed in 2015. Dan currently works part time as a spiritual director and full time as a Transit Operator for Coast Mountain Bus Company.

Dan believes deeply in walking together as we seek the reality of God in our lives. Spiritual Direction is a ministry that helps focus this heart intention. 

Rachel Kitchens

Originally from Atlanta, GA, USA, Rachel moved to Auckland, New Zealand after marrying in 2010 and graduating from Regent in 2007. She and her husband, Andrew, have lived in Auckland for 11 years, and they have three children.

She is a trained spiritual director and received her training with SGM (Spiritual Growth Ministries) in New Zealand and has been practicing for five years. She is a full member of ACSDNZ (Association of Christian Spiritual Directors New Zealand) and also works for the Venn Foundation as a teaching fellow.

She is passionate about prayer, the life of God, and the church, and her work continues to grow based on the formation she received at Regent. She is also a classically trained ballet and contemporary dancer, so this can guide her practice. She uses art, imagination, beauty, movement, silence, and stillness in her work with directees.

Mee Yun Kim

Mee (B.S.W, Dip.CS, M.Div., CSD, RSW) is a certified spiritual director and has been practicing for the past 10 years.

Currently, she offers spiritual direction and counselling through her private practice and also serves as the education director and pastor at a local church.

Her passion, shaped by our Trinitarian God, is to walk alongside people and to see them deepening their relationship with God in their ordinary, everyday lives. By attending to God’s loving presence, her desire is to offer a space where people can enter more deeply into the person of Christ and into the fullness of who God created them to be.

John Lunn

John Lunn loves creating spaces for people to pause, reflect, and pay attention, so they might experience the love of God, be transformed, and grow.

He is privileged to do this work as a spiritual director and retreat facilitator, and as a transitional pastor/leader with churches and organizations. John has practiced as a spiritual director since 2011.

Originally form northern California, he holds a BA in Psychology, a MDiv from Regent College, and received his spiritual direction training through SoulStream. John is still involved at Regent as the volunteer coordinator of, and participant in, the college’s Spiritual Direction Service, and as one of the workshop facilitators for the annual preaching course.

When he isn’t practicing his vocation, you can find John: in a garden, at the beach, or on a mountain / in, on, and under the water / or making time for good food, good film, and good friends.

Denisa Nica

A former church leader, Denisa is a certified spiritual director with Emmaus Formation Centre in Ontario, Canada, and a graduate of Regent College in Vancouver, Canada. Denisa is trained in trauma debriefing for individuals and families at Le Rucher Ministries, France. Her book Kairos, When the Holy Meets the Daily is a poetical devotional pilgrimage through the Psalms. Denisa speaks English, Spanish and Romanian.

Joyce Peasgood

Joyce Peasgood began her spiritual direction journey in 1981, as a directee at the FCJ Christian Life Centre in Calgary, AB. Her first spiritual director introduced her to the practice of spiritual direction and led her through the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.  

She completed her formal spiritual direction training at Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation.  She went on to study at Regent College, completing an MA in Spiritual Theology, and completed a DTh in Christian Spirituality through UNISA. Joyce became professor of Christian Spirituality at Rocky Mountain College in Calgary in 2001, where she created an undergraduate program in Christian Spiritual Formation.  

For the past 40 years, Joyce has been offering spiritual direction, and for 6 years she directed a spiritual direction training program in Calgary. Joyce and her husband now reside in Kamloops, BC, and she continues to offer spiritual direction and also serves in a supervisory role for directors.

laurel Pritchard

Laurel lives into spiritual direction both as a practice and a vocation as she explores what it means to open to Love. 

Laurel became a teacher almost 30 years ago and in the course of that career, she completed a Master of Arts in Theological Studies at Regent, the Centre for Spiritual Formation at Carey, and SoulStream’s Art of Spiritual Direction Program in 2012. Since that time, she has been meeting with directees on a consistent basis. 

Laurel came to spiritual direction with a longing for depth. For her, spiritual direction has been a place of connecting the dots, telling the truth, deep listening, and an astonishing awareness that God’s boundless love seeps into all of life. 

She divides her time between working with budding artists where she teaches in Northern Alberta and the rugged shores of Bowen Island, BC, where she is privileged to soak up sabbath rhythms. 

Susan Wilkins Mitchell

Susan’s great delight as a spiritual director is to bear witness to the endlessly creative and yet characteristic movements of the Trinity. Whether the directee is in the garden, exile, slavery, or the wilderness, she considers it a great privilege to be a sacred companion and witness to each individual’s journey.

Her purpose in spiritual direction is to encourage the directee to always move, deeper still, into intimacy with God and to grow in freedom to respond to that love.

Susan has a Masters of Theology from Regent College, a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Writing from Bethel University and completed her training as a spiritual director with SoulFormation in the School of Spiritual Direction.

Professionally, she has experience in nonprofit and church ministry as a mentor, minister, coach and writer.