Spiritual Direction Network

Offering Spiritual Direction


If you are an alum who has trained as a spiritual director and is currently offering spiritual direction, we invite you to consider joining our alumni network of spiritual directors.


In order to join the network, please complete the intake form below and send it to spiritualdirection@regent-college.edu with the subject line “Alumni Spiritual Direction Network.” The intake form asks you to provide basic biographical information and affirm that you meet the minimum standards outlined below. If you cease to meet these minimum standards, you must promptly inform the alumni office and discontinue providing services through the network.

You must:

    1. Be an alumna or alumnus of Regent College
    2. Have completed formal spiritual direction training (minimum 1 year), with a supervised practicum component
    3. Offer contemplative presence unmitigated by other practices (e.g. psychotherapy, healing prayer, life coaching)
    4. Practice an ethical code that includes receiving regular spiritual direction, engaging in regular supervision (minimum four times a year), self-care practices and participation in a worshipping community
    5. Affirm the following understanding of spiritual direction:
  1. We understand spiritual direction as a practice of spiritual companionship that helps us to discern God’s loving presence and activity in our lives as well as God’s gracious invitations to us.

    We understand that spiritual direction offers:

      • companionship from a trained individual who creates contemplative space for attending to our experience of life and our experience of God
      • a reflective process, rather than a directive one
      • an emphasis on nurturing our personal relationship and encounter with Christ
      • an integration of heart knowledge and head knowledge
      • encouragement toward discerning God’s voice amidst many other voices in our lives
      • a heightened awareness of the Sacred in all of life and the movements of the Spirit in us

Download the intake form