Board Election by Degree Holders

The Regent College Board of Governors is introducing a new process for recruiting members to the Board. All alumni who hold a master’s degree from the College (“degree holders”) are eligible to participate in the election of two new members of the Board every three years, starting in the spring of 2023.

This new process ensures that degree holders are electing members to the Board in accordance with the Regent College Act. We are excited that this new form of recruitment gives our alumni community a greater voice in the selection of the College’s leadership and future direction.

Michael Boda, Vice Chair of the Board of Governors and the Chair of the Board Development Committee, will serve as the Returning Officer for this nomination and election process.

Election Winners

The Regent College Board of Governors is pleased to announce that Jenna Fabiano (MDiv ’17) and Vincent Kong (DipCS ’05, MATS ’07) have been elected and confirmed to the Board. Their three-year terms will commence on September 1, 2023.

President Jeff Greenman expressed his delight at the appointment of candidates from Regent’s first-ever Board member election. “Regent is blessed to have an amazing number of talented alumni who are eager to support and serve the College. I’m looking forward to working with Jenna and Vincent as our newly-elected Board members. Each brings important experience and valuable perspective to our shared work of pursuing the mission of Regent in these challenging times.”


Who Can Vote?

Anybody who has received a degree from Regent College in Vancouver, BC, Canada (referred to as a “degree holder”), is eligible to participate and will be able to vote for two of the approved candidates. The term “degree” refers to a master’s degree (MACS, MATS, MALTS, MDiv, ThM, MCS, or MTS)—it does not include diplomas or certificates.

How Does it Work?

Two-Part Process: Nomination and Election

This is a two-part process that involves (1) a nomination period and (2) a voting period. The nomination period will last for four weeks. During this time, any degree holder may nominate one potential candidate. The Board will then vet and put forward suitable candidates for election. The voting period will be three weeks. Each degree holder will be able to vote for a maximum of two candidates. Please see the timeline and how to nominate below.

An Online Process

Nominations and voting will take place entirely online and will be run by a third-party service called ElectionBuddy. If you are a degree holder of Regent College for whom we have a current email address, you will be contacted by ElectionBuddy to participate in the nomination and voting processes.

Please ensure your email address is up to date by updating your contact information here. 

If you do not want to participate, you can opt out here at any time. If you would like to ensure that your contact info is not shared with ElectionBuddy, please be sure to opt out before Monday, April 3, 2023. This will not affect your other email subscription preferences for Regent College.

ElectionBuddy’s Privacy Policy is available on its website.

Key Dates

Nomination Period
Monday, April 17 – Friday, May 12, 2023

Candidates Announced
Week of June 12, 2023
You can view the candidates here.

Voting Period
Monday, June 19 – Friday, July 7, 2023
Degree holders will be sent a unique voting link by email from ElectionBuddy.

New Board Members Announced
Early August 2023, after election results have been verified and candidates have been appointed by the Board. New Board members appointed through this process will serve a three-year term from September 1, 2023, to August 31, 2026.

Who can be nominated?

Anyone who fulfills the following criteria may be nominated. Nominations are not limited to Regent College alumni—however, the Board of Governors encourages degree holders to nominate persons who have attended Regent College.

Candidates for service on the Board of Governors of Regent College should bring the following:

  • A deep and mature biblical faith consistent with the theological position of the College;
  • A reputation of integrity and Christian character;
  • A knowledge of and commitment to the unique mission and plans of the College;
  • A willingness to give of themselves personally—to work and pray on behalf of the College;
  • A commitment to make the College a high priority for the contribution of their time and financial resources;
  • A position of standing among the broader constituencies of the College, which will assist the Board in interpreting the mission of the College to its constituencies and in interpreting the needs of the marketplace to the College.

How do I nominate someone?

Each degree holder may nominate one person per election cycle. As a nominator, you are vouching for this person’s interest in and suitability to serve on the Board. As such, please speak with the person you would like to nominate in order to ascertain their interest in being nominated and to provide additional substance to the information given on the nomination form.

During the nomination period, ElectionBuddy will email you a unique link that will lead to a form where you can complete the nomination. The nomination form will ask for the following information:

  1. Name of the Nominee
  2. Nominee’s City of Residence and Contact Information (email and phone number)
  3. Nominee’s Vocation / Occupation
  4. Nominee’s Relationship to Regent College
  5. Nominee’s Christian faith and understanding of Regent’s vision, mission, mandate, and culture. (Please provide background related to the nominee’s faith journey, church background and participation, Christian leadership roles they may hold, likelihood of signing Regent’s Theological Position, and commitment to the College.)
  6. Why do you think this person is qualified? (Please include strengths and skills relevant to Board service.)
  7. Your Name and Relationship to the Nominee

For the nomination to be valid, please ensure that you complete every question on the form. You may want to write longer responses in a separate document, then copy and paste them into the form.