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Role And responsibilities

Below is an overview of the Regent College Board of Governors, as outlined in the document “Responsibilities and Qualifications of Regent College Board of Governors (July 2022):”

The role of the Regent College Board of Governors is to oversee the business, affairs, property, and revenue of the College. The Board has the authority to govern the College’s operations, appoint the President, appoint faculty and senior staff members, and grant degrees in theology.

The Board of Governors acts collectively and exercises its powers to act honestly and in good faith with a view towards the best interests of Regent College. Directors will fulfill their legal requirements and obligations with a degree of care, diligence and skill.

The Board of Governors has the responsibility of ensuring that the objects of Regent College are achieved through the leadership of the President of Regent College. This includes setting the overall direction, establishing appropriate governance and risk oversight to ensure delivery of the strategic objectives and outcomes, ensuring the protection of the assets of the College, and ensuring that long-term viability and success is achieved.

The Board must conduct the affairs of the organization in accordance with approved policies and by-laws and uphold the values and the College’s Theological Position, which includes a Doctrinal Statement and a Moral Vision Statement.

For further information, you can review the entire document here.


The Board of Governors conducts four regular meetings per year, and may require additional meetings for committee work. 


The Board meets in person at Regent College three times per year (typically in late February, late May/early June, and late October). The Board’s annual general meeting (AGM) is held online in July. Board members receive reading materials to be reviewed prior to each meeting. 


In-person meetings typically take place on Friday and Saturday. There may be additional online meetings as needs arise.

Travel arrangements:

Board members arrange their own travel and accommodation to and from Vancouver, BC, and are eligible to receive reimbursement for these expenses.